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0% Alcohol

Raise your glass for alcohol-free

The facts speak for themselves.

More and more people across the globe are shunning alcohol. In fact, a study by the University College London showed a whopping 29% of 16-24 years olds in the UK never drink it. It’s this ever-increasing trend that’s prompted us to add a super selection of premium, flavourful alcohol-free drinks to our 0% portfolio.

You may think that such drinks are relatively new, but breweries made non-alcoholic beer by burning ethanol way back in 1919. Why, then, have non-alcoholic alternatives only recently taken the world by storm?

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Let’s drink to good health

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the renowned philosopher and poet famously said, “ The first wealth is health.” It’s this attitude that’s prompting the growing trend of healthy lifestyle choices. Avoiding alcohol is no different. Alcoholic drinks are dehydrating, high in calories and can even cause disease. On the other hand, many non-alcoholic alternatives are packed with vitamins and minerals, while containing far fewer calories. Simply put, people realise drinking less or abstaining completely from alcohol is better for mind, body and soul, and helps keep them filled with vitality and vigour. But what about the taste?

Cheers to go ideas

At 0%, we ensure less is more. Our carefully selected brands not only have more health benefits, but more taste too.

Crafted by experts and made with local natural ingredients and mineral-rich water, our 0% Alcohol beverages are specifically chosen for their quality and diverse flavours. Happily, you can now enjoy the best wine, beer, brandy and more, without consuming a single drop of alcohol. Let’s face it, enjoying a tasty tipple without the annoying side-effects of alcohol makes life a little better.

So, join the 0% movement and help us put the hero in zero.

0% Alcohol Selection