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The Zero Percent Story

Zero is more.

We believe a mindful plant-based lifestyle is the future of consumption.

People are thinking about what they eat and drink like never before, whether it’s about avoiding alcohol, cutting down on dairy, enjoying fine water, or becoming vegetarian. Happily, thanks to huge advances in technology, it’s now easier than ever to be part of this mindful consumption movement.

Look online and in shops you’ll find an astonishing array of healthier, yet fantastic tasting alternatives for people to sample. Of course, this movement isn’t just driven by a desire for new culinary experiences. Everywhere you go, you’ll find people eager to enhance their well-being and live a more planet-friendly existence.

We are on a mission to build the mindful consumption movement by building awareness and making plant-based alternatives easily accessible to consumers who want to consume more responsibly and still enjoy themselves.

The desire for purer living is reflected in so many different ways, which is why we’ve created the world’s first online portal dedicated to 0% products. Our aim is simple: To source the world’s best products, with the very best taste, so you don’t have to. If you’re looking for leading brands when it comes to 0% alcohol, 0% dairy, 0% pesticides, 0% sugar, 0% microplastic, 0% meat, and natural waters, you’re in luck. At Zero Percent we have them all.

Our journey in India started at the beginning of this year, focusing first on the 0% alcohol category and building a portfolio that will cover all elements from spirits to wines, sparkling wines to beer and cider. What’s more, we’ll be constantly updating our range to ensure we have the most exclusive portfolio of premium products on the planet. To discover our full portfolio visit our EU shop at

A little something for everyone

We launched Zero Percent because we wanted to help as many people as possible to join this movement.

For private customers

Anyone can purchase directly and get their 0% goods delivered right to their doorstep.

For Trade

We’re working with retailers and HORECA customers and as a trade customer setup a business account with us to avail trade prices.

For Wholesalers

We’re working with regional wholesalers and distributors to ensure the world gets the chance to see how less is more.